PS 58 Auction 2014 at the Bell House


This gallery contains 134 photos.

Here is a slideshow of the images from the PS 58 Auction at the Bell House.  Photos by local photographer Joshua Kristal. Peruse the blog if your interested in dwarfs dressed up as druids at Stonehenge, the lives and culture of … Continue reading

In the news….and a boutique hotel.

Recently, one of my images from Stonehenge was purchased and installed in a room in the new Ace Hotel in London.  And, just this week, my photography class was featured in an article in an Australian newspaper. The reporter wanted … Continue reading

The Satmars take Crown Heights.


Living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn one runs into the Lubavitch/Chabad Jewish community regularly as its their spiritual headquarters.  770 Eastern Parkway, a couple blocks from me, is where their Grand Rebbe/Messiah, Rebbe Schneerson,  lived and worked for the 50 odd years. … Continue reading

Bikers of Detroit

One night while photographing the area around Palmer Park for another story I spotted a huge gathering of motorcyclists congregating in a bowling alley off of Woodward. It was a weird amalgamation of bicyclists, hip-hop chicks, video productions and bad … Continue reading

Bike Kill of Brooklyn


“TAKE a dash of “Mad Max,” add a pinch of “Jackass,” sprinkle both over a wet batter of art students, bicycle messengers, anarchist welders and militant anti-globalist vegans, then let the mixture bake for, say, a decade in the oven … Continue reading

Detroit’s Palmer Park: Where ghosts of past and present collide

Sven Gustafason and I did a story for HOUR Magazine on one of the largest and most historical public parks in Detroit and its current iteration and  rebirth.  Here is a post with more photos and an updated and more in-depth version of  Sven’s … Continue reading

Hip-Hop show with my neighbors in Brooklyn


This summer I joined my neighbors to a hip-hop contest/showcase in Clinton Hill/Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn (which birthed many icons of the genre-Jay-Z, Mos Def, Big Daddy Kane, Biggie Smalls, etc..). There were 15 different acts who played two songs each, the winner … Continue reading

Cloudy nights.


I am not going to go as far as to pronounce these “Equivalents” as the great  Alfred Stieglitz did in 1925, equating different cloud shapes with different human emotions (see video below).  But since college I have been shooting them and as we all know, … Continue reading

Gentrification in Bushwick for New York Magazine blog, Bedford & Bowery

I did a story on the gentrification going on in Bushwick, Brooklyn for Bedford and Bowery, a new New York Magazine blog a couple of weeks ago. Hipsters are moving in and integrating their culture with what has been for … Continue reading

Up-close and personal.


  In the spirit of William Klein, (modern master of the super close up in a reportage/street photography vein), after finishing my work photographing at an annual fundraising gala for a favorite NYC non-profit, I tried to see how close … Continue reading