Film images from a short trip to Kenya

An abandoned disco/casino in Diani Beach, Kenya.

After three months in Ethiopia ( I was in bad need of some beach time.  Diani Beach, which is two hours from Mombassa, Kenya on the Indian Ocean was bucolic, relaxing, affordable and the scuba and snorkeling was damn good. … Continue reading

The markets of Aksum, Ethiopia.

Animal market

Been in Ethiopia for a month now and recently returned from the north. Aksum, which 2000 years ago, was the helm of an African empire, was where Queen Sheba reportedly comes from and where Christianity was introduced to Africa only … Continue reading

The Machu Picchu that never really made it up onto Machu Picchu This.


Was digging thru the archives recently looking for landscape photography for a possible upcoming job and found lots of stuff I never really posted.  All from a couple weeks up at Machu Picchu and in Cusco, Peru. Got the job … Continue reading

Show at the Society for Domestic Museology

SfDM invite

      I am currently showing two series of work (its still up for anyone who wants to check it out) at a cool little gallery on the Upper West Side in NYC.   A series from a baby beauty … Continue reading

J’Ouvert, 2014


My favorite day of the year has come and gone again. I swore this year I wouldn’t shoot like the last three years.   I wanted to just experience it instead of trying to capture it visually, mathematically.  I wanted to … Continue reading

Revisiting some old negatives from India.

From a series on abandoned elders in West Bengal.

  In readying a new site for an organization I am creating I recently scanned some 35mm negatives from my three month trip to India in 2004. I’ve never printed these images. These four are from the time I spent … Continue reading

Sky Garden, A much needed Crown Heights oasis.

A 55 gallon drum is my watering source. I fill it up from my kitchen sink with a hose from one flight down through the window.

The roof on my 8 family 4-story Pre-War Apartment in Crown Heights has been a place to garden, eat and chill for the last couple years. We  used to garden in the huge, un-used backyard space but found that it’s north … Continue reading

The NYC Pride Parade and black lesbian after-party


I got a great assignment this year shooting the Pride Parade for the venerable NYC non-profit Housing Works.  You can see all of those images here. These are some of my favorite images from the parade. After the 5 hour affair … Continue reading

New portrait for Housing Works

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 11.13.35 AM

I recently shot the Pride Parade for the incredible non-profit in NYC, Housing Works, which assists people living with HIV.  Here is the first use of those images, a nice portrait for a profile piece.  Eric Bartley, below, has a great … Continue reading

Sakura Matsuri in Brooklyn: Where cherry blossoms, Cosplay, Autism and acne finally intersect.


The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens had their Cherry Blossom Festival last weekend and the Cosplay (costume play) that transpired was much more vibrant and colorful than the trees themselves (they actually have yet to bloom).  I wandered around in jaw dropped amazement at … Continue reading