Volunteer work for La FEM: Fundacion Entre Mujeres, an NGO in Nicaragua.

I recently returned from almost two months in Nicaragua where I worked and volunteered for several organizations.  Lending my photographic services to needy charitable organizations is something I have been doing for 20 years as I feel strongly in the power of the still image to effect public change.  By donating my services for organizations marketing purposes I am able to give something more valuable than a monetary donation; new, dynamic, professional media materials to bolster their own existing or new promotional campaigns which in-turn is used to bring in more funding.

EDIT_LaFEM_@JKristal2017_01Sitting just below the incredible cloud forests of Northern Nicaragua lies the small rural town of Esteli, central to both the agricultural community and the leftist political movements which repelled the Contras during the long and devastating civil war of the 1970s-90’s.  I spent two days photographing for Fundacion Entre Mujeres, an incredible feminist organization who assist rural women in a myriad of ways.  These images are a highlight of the 350 I delivered in High and Low Resolution, processed and ready to rock and roll for their marketing pleasure.

EDIT_LaFEM_@JKristal2017_02EDIT_LaFEM_@JKristal2017_03EDIT_LaFEM_@JKristal2017_04La Fundación Entre Mujeres (La FEM) is a an all-women’s NGO in northern Nicaragua that promotes ideological, economic, and political empowerment of rural women through projects such as the fight against violence by creating community networks of rural defenders, an education program promoting literacy, primary and secondary education with a focus on gender equality, education in alternative careers connected to sustainable development, the promotion of sexual and reproductive rights and access to health services for women, and promoting a strategy of economic empowerment, prioritizing food sovereignty, diversified and organic production. All projects are carried out under a focus of sustainable economic development for the adults and youth that these programs reach. Through such programs, women from the rural communities are able to participate and be real actors in transforming their own realities, making decisions in the development politics carried out by la FEM.”

Organic maize grown in the highlands.


A maize farmer and her granddaughter.

“Dedicated to more than just growing and exporting coffee, La FEM (Foundation between Women) is a dynamic female-led cooperative committed to selling quality Fair Trade coffee while simultaneously supporting and promoting women`s rights. La FEM consists of four smaller cooperatives, each managed by its own Directiva (female director).  Fiercely independent and determined to succeed in the coffee industry, the 132-member cooperative has made much progress since their founding in 1996, both in terms of coffee sales as well as the promotion of issues such as women`s education and health.”

Typical shade grown coffee field with banana and various cloud-forest trees.
Green, washed coffee beans ready to export.
Driving to one of the rural outposts that the NGO assists.
Family of the one of the founders.


An simple and ingenious method of cleaning dried lentils.


A hibiscus flower farmer and her family at their rural farm.
Dried hibiscus flowers which La FEM uses to make wine, jam and tea.
Hibiscus wine


Please consider helping this organization in any way you can: Donate



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