My lecture at the MSU Arts and Humanities Dept.

I recently was honored to participate in the Wednesday Night Live lecture series at the Residential College of the Arts and Humanities at Michigan State University.   I spoke on two topics: Living as a Creative and the Power of the Still Image. In preparing for the talk I stumbled upon the roots of my becoming a photographer.  …

Nonprofit work in West Bengal, India

Here is a selection of images for a nonprofit I worked with in West Bengal, India in 2004. I spent two weeks with the Economic Rural Development Society photographing the many different operations they conduct around the state for their marketing materials.  These portraits were for their “Adopt-a-Granny” program.

Show at the Society for Domestic Museology

      I am currently showing two series of work (its still up for anyone who wants to check it out) at a cool little gallery on the Upper West Side in NYC.   A series from a baby beauty pageant as well as a series documenting sites where people have been lynched are on display….

New portrait for Housing Works

I recently shot the Pride Parade for the incredible non-profit in NYC, Housing Works, which assists people living with HIV.  Here is the first use of those images, a nice portrait for a profile piece.  Eric Bartley, below, has a great story, check it out.  

Detroit’s Palmer Park: Where ghosts of past and present collide

Sven Gustafason and I did a story for HOUR Magazine on one of the largest and most historical public parks in Detroit and its current iteration and  rebirth.  Here is a post with more photos and an updated and more in-depth version of  Sven’s story. Sven Gustafason To me, there might be no better microcosm for the Detroit experience…

Rapper Sean Forbes, for HOUR Detroit Magazine.

  I recently had an assignment from HOUR Detroit Magazine to photograph an up and coming rapper from Detroit while he performed a concert here in NYC.  The rapper, who is represented by the same management team as Eminem, is 100% deaf.  He grew up in a family of musicians in Detroit and has carved…

Portrait from Shreveport, Louisiana.

Met this nice chap on the grounds of the Shreveport, Louisiana state court building.  I was there photographing for my project on historical sites of racial violence.