Detroit’s Palmer Park: Where ghosts of past and present collide

Sven Gustafason and I did a story for HOUR Magazine on one of the largest and most historical public parks in Detroit and its current iteration and  rebirth.  Here is a post with more photos and an updated and more in-depth version of  Sven’s story. Sven Gustafason To me, there might be no better microcosm for the Detroit experience…

A portfolio of my Event Work.

This grouping of images is from work I did for three different clients: The Archdiocese of Brooklyn, The Paley Center for Media and Scale: Africa. Images from the annual fundraiser for the Archdiocese of Brooklyn at the Waldorf-Astoria. Images from my work as the official photographer of the Media Council at the Paley Center for…

Images for the New York Times Sunday Magazine

This was my edit for a story I pitched to the New York Times Sunday Magazine last year.  The first set of images are the fascades of “Pop-Up” carnival costume shops in Crown Heights.  I was thinking a “grid” layout would be cool.  The other images are details of preparations of the Carnival parade.

Italian Social Club in South Brooklyn.

This is a series of photos I made for a recent story on the South Brooklyn Post about an on-going dispute between two Italian social clubs who share the same religious idol from Mola, Italy.  This story deals with the rights of women in the group and their feeling that they are not giving the…

Sakshi Dance @ Alvin Alley, May 20th, 2011

Images will automatically move or you can navigate arrows.  Use stop button to pause slideshow.  You can “click and drag” the images to your desktop if you want to save certain selections.  They are 7 inches wide at 72dpi. Enjoy!!