Nonprofit work in West Bengal, India

Here is a selection of images for a nonprofit I worked with in West Bengal, India in 2004. I spent two weeks with the Economic Rural Development Society photographing the many different operations they conduct around the state for their marketing materials.  These portraits were for their “Adopt-a-Granny” program.



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  1. The black and white portraits are so fascinating. Each reveals something about the person captured… whether it be the warmth and playfulness of the braceletted granny’s smile or the stoic resignation and fatigue in the posturing of flip flop granny. But I find myself wanting to know their stories. Is there anything you can remember or any details you can share?

    1. jkristal says:

      Just seeing this. Thanks for the note. I’ll have to think on this a bit! None of them spoke English so i wasn’t able to really get much from them. They all shared the same backstory though of being left to their own devices when their children ventured out of the rural village for the big city. Truly sad. But, they were warm, welcoming and sweet so….I guess life is a wondrous and complex place.

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