Two Brooklynites experience Timkat, The Ethiopian “Day of Epiphany”.

Two Brooklynites do Timkat by Nina Granados (Nina and I travelled together for two weeks in Northern Ethiopia in January of 2015 when I was working there on a Getty Images/ grant.)  Most of us westerners have a romanticization towards what is foreign from our daily scraps of living in an industrialized landscape. For a…

My lecture at the MSU Arts and Humanities Dept.

I recently was honored to participate in the Wednesday Night Live lecture series at the Residential College of the Arts and Humanities at Michigan State University.   I spoke on two topics: Living as a Creative and the Power of the Still Image. In preparing for the talk I stumbled upon the roots of my becoming a photographer.  …

Carnival in Crown Heights

Decided this year to skip J’Ouvert the folkloric musical procession that opens the West Indian Labor Day festivities and just stroll Eastern Parkway, meandering through the almost 2 million attendees.  The smell of bad weed, BBQ and sweat is omnipresent, as is the incredible costumes which root from each of the island’s cultural traditions.  

J’Ouvert in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. New York City’s greatest folkloric festival.

All Text from “J’ouvert in Brooklyn Carnival: Revitalizing Steel Pan and Ole Mas Traditions”. Author: Ray Allen “The rumble of distant drums rolls across Prospect Park, breaking the pre-dawn tranquility that envelops central Brooklyn on Labor Day morning.My watch says 4 a.m.-the J’Ouvert celebration must be underway. Quietly slipping out of my apartment into the cool of…

Show at the Society for Domestic Museology

      I am currently showing two series of work (its still up for anyone who wants to check it out) at a cool little gallery on the Upper West Side in NYC.   A series from a baby beauty pageant as well as a series documenting sites where people have been lynched are on display….

J’Ouvert, 2014

My favorite day of the year has come and gone again. I swore this year I wouldn’t shoot like the last three years.   I wanted to just experience it instead of trying to capture it visually, mathematically.  I wanted to stay in the moment. Well, its hard to do after 20 years of working and…

The NYC Pride Parade and WOC lesbian after-party.

I got a great assignment this year shooting the Pride Parade for the venerable NYC non-profit Housing Works.  You can see all of those images here. These are some of my favorite images from the parade.

New portrait for Housing Works

I recently shot the Pride Parade for the incredible non-profit in NYC, Housing Works, which assists people living with HIV.  Here is the first use of those images, a nice portrait for a profile piece.  Eric Bartley, below, has a great story, check it out.  

PS 58 Auction 2014 at the Bell House

Here is a slideshow of the images from the PS 58 Auction at the Bell House.  Photos by local photographer Joshua Kristal. Peruse the blog if your interested in dwarfs dressed up as druids at Stonehenge, the lives and culture of Peru or  interesting looks into several subcultures of New York. Joshua

In the news….and a boutique hotel.

Recently, one of my images from Stonehenge was purchased and installed in a room in the new Ace Hotel in London.  And, just this week, my photography class was featured in an article in an Australian newspaper. The reporter wanted to learn techniques to make better photographs while being a tourist. Here is the link From…