The Badass Tattooed, Tribal women processing your Ethiopian coffee.

While in Ethiopia a few years ago I was invited to photograph at the facilities of a prominent coffee exporter.   Addis Exporter sources and exports green coffee beans around the world (that day by chance, two of the best coffee purveyors in the US were there cupping the offerings; Intelligentsia and Counter Culture Coffee). The space was…

Sunday afternoon Baseball in a Nicaraguan cloudforest.

I recently spent a month in Nicaragua working, volunteering and travelling the country. A highlight was the time I spent with a small agricultural community living within a Nature Reserve in the North Central mountainous region.  MiraFlor lies in a cloud forest, a tropical forest with lots of moss, wet vegetation and yes, low-level clouds….

Work featured in the New York Times. The Lost Rolls America Project

Almost every professional photographer who came up before digital eclipsed analog has something a little bit strange in common and that is, a bag of old film in their refrigerator. Working with film on a daily basis, in it many different formats, professional life mixing with the personal, random rolls of film invariably piled up…

Nonprofit work in West Bengal, India

Here is a selection of images for a nonprofit I worked with in West Bengal, India in 2004. I spent two weeks with the Economic Rural Development Society photographing the many different operations they conduct around the state for their marketing materials.  These portraits were for their “Adopt-a-Granny” program.

Madagascar images used for NYC Subway art proposal.

The MTA, the NYC Subway transit authority, has a call for artists to design installations for several stations.  I submitted these images with the concept of taking people on a journey thru Madagascar with a  dynamic, color filled dose of nature, culture and adventure while they hustle along underground.  The images, mostly shot on a point and…

Video on the Ethiopian coffee ceremony

In Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, the daily drinking of this ancient beverage is part of a ritualized cultural ceremony rich in history and sometimes hours in length. The beans are freshly roasted, incense is burned and multiple cups are passed around.  The 30 minute video I recently completed for an Ethiopian nonprofit has this 2 minute video about the ceremony with-in it….

Ethiopian Coffee Country

In January of 2015 I spent a week photographing  in the Ethiopian coffee regions for Green Mountain Coffee.  Here is a small sampling of the 3000 images I made.  The job called for mostly landscapes (to be used on the boxes of a new product) but I couldn’t help but to capture the workers as well and also show the…

Walking the streets of Addis Ababa is extremely dangerous!

Ethiopia is a million different things and tastes, affronts, foibles and wonders.  One thing it was not was a place you felt threatened by personal violence.  Ethiopians were fun, interested, helpful and cool.  Ethiopia is considered to be one of the safest countries for tourists in Africa.No muggings, no assaults, no rape, etc.. But, taking a stroll…

The markets of Aksum, Ethiopia.

Been in Ethiopia for a month now and recently returned from the north. Aksum, which 2000 years ago, was the helm of an African empire, was where Queen Sheba reportedly comes from and where Christianity was introduced to Africa only 6 years after that willy Jew got whisked back up to Gods bosom, was wind…

Show at the Society for Domestic Museology

      I am currently showing two series of work (its still up for anyone who wants to check it out) at a cool little gallery on the Upper West Side in NYC.   A series from a baby beauty pageant as well as a series documenting sites where people have been lynched are on display….