PS 58 Auction 2014 at the Bell House

Here is a slideshow of the images from the PS 58 Auction at the Bell House.  Photos by local photographer Joshua Kristal. Peruse the blog if your interested in dwarfs dressed up as druids at Stonehenge, the lives and culture of Peru or  interesting looks into several subcultures of New York. Joshua Advertisements

Barber shop in my old hood….

Was strolling down the street minding my own tired ass business after shooting for 3 hours in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn and then a Botanica shop when I spotted this scene.  Was on my way to another epic shoot and didn’t want to have to dig out my rig.  But I did.  

Italian Mortician dream shoot

The permanent backdrop for caskets at an Italian funeral home in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn was more then I could of ever wished for in a portrait setting.  I have never, in 16 years of work (give or take…scary), had such a setting present itself.  Still wasn’t easy making the shot as it was a dimly…