Detroit’s Palmer Park: Where ghosts of past and present collide

Sven Gustafason and I did a story for HOUR Magazine on one of the largest and most historical public parks in Detroit and its current iteration and  rebirth.  Here is a post with more photos and an updated and more in-depth version of  Sven’s … Continue reading

Cloudy nights.


I am not going to go as far as to pronounce these “Equivalents” as the great  Alfred Stieglitz did in 1925, equating different cloud shapes with different human emotions (see video below).  But since college I have been shooting them and as we all know, … Continue reading

Winter walk in Waters, Michigan.


Now that summer has arrived and we are at a nice, comfortable remove from winters chilly embrace, its seems to be a good time to reflect on its beauty. I shot these images last winter over New Years weekend.  Our … Continue reading

Rapper Sean Forbes, for HOUR Detroit Magazine.

Picture 7

  I recently had an assignment from HOUR Detroit Magazine to photograph an up and coming rapper from Detroit while he performed a concert here in NYC.  The rapper, who is represented by the same management team as Eminem, is … Continue reading

St. Patricks Day in NYC; a wondrous melange of snow, Irish tradition and vomit


It came and went again but this year it was graced with blustery winds, beautiful snow and freezing temps. The side streets around the 252 year old parade are packed with staged parade participants waiting, sometimes hours, for their turn … Continue reading

Niagara Falls and The moistures


On the way back from Detroit I stopped off at Niagara Falls. As always, they were breathtaking. And then, a photographic phenomena which rarely reveals itself ensued. Photographing the moisture in the air. Cosmically lovely if I do say so … Continue reading

Film images from J’ouvert festival with the HOLGA


The J’ouvert festival recently unloaded itself unto our weary Brooklyn and it now stands firmly, surely, as my favorite annual cultural event.  Starting at 3am, its hypnotic, rhythmic procession of steel drums and motor oil covered revelers snake their way down Flatbush to … Continue reading

Manhattan in the dark, Oct.31st.


Photographing in the darkened city of Lower Manhattan was one of the most exhilarating experiences in my 8 years in NYC.  It started as I made it half way across the Brooklyn Bridge around 10pm and had a great vantage point to … Continue reading

Portraits from the AfroPunk Fest


 “I would see more black people with mohawks than I’d ever seen my entire life. You see people who you thought you were the only one of.” -P.O.S., musician The Afropunk fest, (“The other black experience””) an incredible, progressive event … Continue reading