Walking the streets of Addis Ababa is extremely dangerous!

Ethiopia is a million different things and tastes, affronts, foibles and wonders.  One thing it was not was a place you felt threatened by personal violence.  Ethiopians were fun, interested, helpful and cool.  Ethiopia is considered to be one of the safest countries for tourists in Africa.No muggings, no assaults, no rape, etc.. But, taking a stroll on the sidewalks of Addis Ababa is a completely different story.  One must be hyper-vigilant and incredibly in tune with their environs as at any moment a giant gaping hole may lay underfoot.  These tombs-to-be are deep and dark, some studded with jagged metal rods waiting to impale you and very in size. Some will just destroy a knee.  Others will swallow you whole and your family calling the consulate.  The lack of streetlights doesn’t help your sad cause.  They just sit quietly in wait, hoping your absentmindedly wondering if your bowels are going to explode before you arrive at your hotel or if you’ll be denied that needed Visa extension and get thrown in jail when exiting the country or how the current government can say they honestly received 100% vote of a recent election or what really qualifies as a colonization as pizza is almost as popular as injera.  If these suckers don’t get you the traffic will.  Look 100 ways before crossing any street.

Here are some examples of these urban pits of doom that I just barely survived.


And this photo below is directly across from the Ethiopian Governmental Affairs office where I spent too many stressful days getting my visa extensions.  Goats graze just off camera right. SidewalkSinkhole_AddisAbaba_JKristal©_2015_011



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