J’Ouvert, 2014

My favorite day of the year has come and gone again. I swore this year I wouldn’t shoot like the last three years.   I wanted to just experience it instead of trying to capture it visually, mathematically.  I wanted to stay in the moment. Well, its hard to do after 20 years of working and “seeing” things and being compelled to capture them. So, I shot a bit. Not much. But enough to warrant this sharing. Check the other posts of years past for information on this incredible folkloric festival which happens every year as a kick off to the Carnival festival. Brooklyn’s festival starts at 3:30am and goes till 10am with processions of varied acoustic music from the West Indies, people in a trance, paint and oil being smeared about, cops not really hassling anyone on this one singular day. Buying a Guinness for $5 after a raucous night out of moving tub of ice as the sun comes up, right on Empire street, NYPD looking the other way, air thick with sweat, music, soul and ganja is a tradition I hold dear.


P1040522 P1040533

P1040570 P1040575 P1040594 P1040606 P1040617 P1040625 P1040628 P1040721 P1040732

P1040739 P1040763 P1040786 P1040813 P1040820 P1040824 P1040830 P1040835 P1040842 P1040849 P1040852

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