Pesach at the ER…one mans idiotic exodus into the American Medical System.

Passover on Monday night was pretty incredible. Intimate gathering of 10 people lead by an ex-Chasid turned globetrotting DJ, great crowd, raucous singing, bottomless wine, delicious food, topped off by a tipsy daredevil bike ride with an old Jackson Hole snowboarding buddy in for the weekend and $1 slices. Signing autographs as Bruce Willis to drunken Bed-Stuy residents at 3am is always fun.

Tuesday nights sedar was a whole other dose of bitter herbs.  My good friends hosted at their amazing space  around the corner from me and I invited an unknown entity to experience a Crown Heights hipster/ex-Chabadnic sedar and it may of been a bit too much for her. She over did it on multiple fronts and boom…fainted, boom, smacked her head and then, boom, my nights transformed. After 20 minutes of deliberation, my night goes from the 10 plagues of Egypt and wild retelling of the Jews exodus from Slavery to an ambulance run staffed by Hasidic jews to a Brooklyn hospital. I made the best of the affair and probably had too much fun photographing these strange environs and talking to people who were sadly languishing away in this strange thing which is the modern American medical system. One man had been waiting 11 hours in the emergency room to be treated. My legitimate entry into this fairly private world of hospitals gave me the opportunity to make a small series of images on my iPhone, my first.

Passover_2014_Lo-Res_002 Passover_2014_Lo-Res_003 Passover_2014_Lo-Res_004 Passover_2014_Lo-Res_005 Passover_2014_Lo-Res_006 Passover_2014_Lo-Res_007 Passover_2014_Lo-Res_008 Passover_2014_Lo-Res_009 Passover_2014_Lo-Res_010


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