Bikers of Detroit

One night while photographing the area around Palmer Park for another story I spotted a huge gathering of motorcyclists congregating in a bowling alley off of Woodward. It was a weird amalgamation of bicyclists, hip-hop chicks, video productions and bad ass bikers. Lots of burning rubber, big booties and attitude. Hung out a bit.

Listen to this epic song (which was featured on GIRLS season 2) for musical accompaniment.

DetroitBikers_EDIT_Lo-Res_001 DetroitBikers_EDIT_Lo-Res_002 DetroitBikers_EDIT_Lo-Res_003 DetroitBikers_EDIT_Lo-Res_004 DetroitBikers_EDIT_Lo-Res_005 DetroitBikers_EDIT_Lo-Res_006 DetroitBikers_EDIT_Lo-Res_007 DetroitBikers_EDIT_Lo-Res_008 DetroitBikers_EDIT_Lo-Res_009 DetroitBikers_EDIT_Lo-Res_010 DetroitBikers_EDIT_Lo-Res_011 DetroitBikers_EDIT_Lo-Res_012 DetroitBikers_EDIT_Lo-Res_013 DetroitBikers_EDIT_Lo-Res_014 DetroitBikers_EDIT_Lo-Res_016 DetroitBikers_EDIT_Lo-Res_017

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