Gentrification in Bushwick for New York Magazine blog, Bedford & Bowery

I did a story on the gentrification going on in Bushwick, Brooklyn for Bedford and Bowery, a new New York Magazine blog a couple of weeks ago. Hipsters are moving in and integrating their culture with what has been for the last years a predominately Latin neighborhood. The juxtapositions are incredibly visual and ubiquitous. Barber shops and Mexican bakeries on one side of the street, $16 hamburgers and rock n roll yoga on the other.  Seems to be the way its going in NYC but this is a perfect example of the changing face of the city.  The article is a great read.B&B_Bushwick_Gentrification_Square_023

B&B_Bushwick_Gentrification_Square_022 B&B_Bushwick_Gentrification_Square_021 B&B_Bushwick_Gentrification_Square_018 B&B_Bushwick_Gentrification_Square_019 B&B_Bushwick_Gentrification_Square_020 B&B_Bushwick_Gentrification_Square_017 B&B_Bushwick_Gentrification_Square_015 B&B_Bushwick_Gentrification_Square_012 B&B_Bushwick_Gentrification_Square_011 B&B_Bushwick_Gentrification_Square_010 B&B_Bushwick_Gentrification_Square_009 B&B_Bushwick_Gentrification_Square_008 B&B_Bushwick_Gentrification_Square_002 B&B_Bushwick_Gentrification_Square_001 B&B_Bushwick_Gentrification_Square_003


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