Up-close and personal.




In the spirit of William Klein, (modern master of the super close up in a reportage/street photography vein), after finishing my work photographing at an annual fundraising gala for a favorite NYC non-profit, I tried to see how close to subjects I could get without being too intrusive.  It went well.   We all look a bit more strange, animalistic, vulnerable and nobly individualistic when the beauty is stripped away and we’re shot like this.  Sorta of.


Edit_DD_Lo-Res_jk044BW Edit_DD_Lo-Res_jk046BW Edit_DD_Lo-Res_jk048BW Edit_DD_Lo-Res_jk049BWEdit_DD_Lo-Res_jk051BWEdit_DD_Lo-Res_jk053BW


This was done with a wide-angle lens with no cropping in post.  I used an on-camera flash at 1/64 power and exposed for the background.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Joanne Kristal says:

    good stuff – i like.

    hope things are good. will talk to you tuesday, ok????? the mom

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