Winter walk in Waters, Michigan.

Now that summer has arrived and we are at a nice, comfortable remove from winters chilly embrace, its seems to be a good time to reflect on its beauty.


I shot these images last winter over New Years weekend.  Our family cabin, in Waters, Michigan, about 3.5 hours North of Detroit, is a nice A-Frame tucked into some woods a short walk from Guthrie Lakes.  Just upstream from the lakes is a pond encircled by a broken down, rarely used nature trail. Its boggy habitat, with a couple seemingly abandoned beaver dens, lots of dead trees caused by the expanding waters and meandering streams.  I have been walking this trail since 1985 and even after so many years, its still a place of great enchantment, of stillness, silence and solitude.  This winter day, the temps were hovering in the teens and outfitted in waterproof and warm winter gear, I traipsed around the lake for the afternoon, knee deep in snow in many places, pausing occasionally upon a fallen tree to roll a smoke and even, unabashedly,  assault warblers with my own.  I shot 24 frames.

Waters_Blog_002 Waters_Blog_003 Waters_Blog_004 Waters_Blog_005 Waters_Blog_006 Waters_Blog_007 Waters_Blog_008

These images were shot on a  Mamiya C330, a medium format film camera from the 1950’s. It shoots square, has amazing close up abilities because of its bellows and the lens, a wide angle, has superb sharpness. These were shot on a single roll of 220 B&W Kodak Plus X film.

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