Rapper Sean Forbes, for HOUR Detroit Magazine.


Picture 7


I recently had an assignment from HOUR Detroit Magazine to photograph an up and coming rapper from Detroit while he performed a concert here in NYC.  The rapper, who is represented by the same management team as Eminem, is 100% deaf.  He grew up in a family of musicians in Detroit and has carved out a niche for himself.  The audience that showed up to the gig were almost completely deaf.  Sean uses different ways to get his music, lyrics and message thru to his fans.  First, he signs (ASL) during his performances, transcribing his lyrics.  Secondly, he has multiple screens behind him that broadcast the words.  And thirdly, and most unique, is he brings a large platform that he built and places it in front of the stage at each concert. This makeshift dance floor vibrates to the music so that his deaf audience members, when standing on it, can feel the music.  Sean also, while touring, visits schools before his shows and gives inspirational talks to young people, with and without disabilities.



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