St. Patricks Day in NYC; a wondrous melange of snow, Irish tradition and vomit

It came and went again but this year it was graced with blustery winds, beautiful snow and freezing temps. The side streets around the 252 year old parade are packed with staged parade participants waiting, sometimes hours, for their turn to enter so its a perfect place to meander and photograph. Back on 2nd Ave., thousands of drunk non-Irish revelers brought their ribald and voracious enthusiasm for binge drinking, everything green and foam hats to the borough.


St.Patties_001 St.Patties_002 St.Patties_003 St.Patties_004 St.Patties_005 St.Patties_006 St.Patties_007 St.Patties_008 St.Patties_009 St.Patties_010 St.Patties_011 St.Patties_012

For the technically interested, this all was shot on a Mamiya 6 on 120 Fuji film that expired in 2004, hence its slightly weird hues and density.

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  1. Great photos. Perfect melange

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