A portfolio of my Event Work.

This grouping of images is from work I did for three different clients: The Archdiocese of Brooklyn, The Paley Center for Media and Scale: Africa.

Images from the annual fundraiser for the Archdiocese of Brooklyn at the Waldorf-Astoria.

Events_Blog_001 Events_Blog_002 Events_Blog_003 Events_Blog_004 Events_Blog_005 Events_Blog_006 Events_Blog_007 Events_Blog_008 Events_Blog_009 Events_Blog_010 Events_Blog_011 Events_Blog_012 Events_Blog_013 Events_Blog_014 Events_Blog_015 Events_Blog_016

Images from my work as the official photographer of the Media Council at the Paley Center for Media.
Events_Blog_018 Events_Blog_019 Events_Blog_020 Events_Blog_021 Events_Blog_022 Events_Blog_023 Events_Blog_024 Events_Blog_025

Images from a fundraising event for Scale:Africa, an international non-profit headquartered here in NYC.

Events_Blog_026 Events_Blog_027 Events_Blog_028 Events_Blog_029 Events_Blog_030 Events_Blog_031 Events_Blog_032 Events_Blog_033 Events_Blog_034


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