Highline plantings..

The High-line, the epic elevated park that runs North/South for about 30 blocks on Manhattan’s West side, not only ushered in a real estate development boom of horrible condos but also introduced NYC to the work of the incredible Dutch artist Piet Oudolf who was the planting designer for the park and a leading figure of the “New Wave Planting” movement.  The plantings are a constant source of amazement, beauty and genius and I always notice new things and ideas popping up and forth from this pitch perfect piece of landscape architecture.

(Unfortunately, I feel that the designers of the High-Line did what most designers do and went overboard, over designing while trying to create an industrial, wild aesthetic.  They squandered a chance at greatness as all they had to do was leave it in a more raw state that it had already acquired (or make more honest, simpler nods to it) after sitting dormant for 30 years).

Here is a link to some urban nature scenes from where I come: Detroit

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  1. billkristal says:

    Next time in NYC it’s the High Line for sure!

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