Stonehenge and its Neo-Druids at Winter Solstice.

Neo-Druids, the contemporary followers of the ancient order of Druids, gather four times a year at Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plain of South-Central England.  During the Winter and Summer Solstice and Equinox, the 3000 year old site is opened fully to spiritual revelry.  All other days of the year one has to walk a path around the stones at no point getting close enough to walk and touch these 30ft. high giants.  I welcomed the sunrise during a Winter Solstice gathering in December along with upwards of 1000 others.  After the initial cheer as the sun crested the horizon, the crowd set in on New-Age style ceremonies, drumming, chanting, knighting and other rituals. I was surprised and happy to realize the spot definitely emanates a strong spiritual charge.  Its hard to describe the feeling but it was as if I could feel the presence of the ancient societies and the 1000’s of years they had practiced their spiritual rituals in this very spot.

King Arthur Pendragon, Titular Head & Chosen Chief of the Loyal Arthurian Warband and Battle Chieftain of the CoBDO  knights a loyal subject as the sun crests.  Pendragon was an activist for 15 years, arrested yearly, while trying to get Stonehenge opened for spiritual ceremonies.

Saluting the rising sun with ram horn and scepter.

King Arthur Pendragon, Titular Head & Chosen Chief of the Loyal Arthurian Warband and Battle Chieftain of the CoBDO

Neo-Druid sleeping quarters as they await the sunrise of Winter Solstice. Stonehenge is in the distance, left.

Druid goddess.

Neo-Druid children frolick in the grasses after sunrise.

The Fairy trees of Avesbury


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  1. Brian Middleton says:

    Great character photos. I’m glad that there are still people that seek a way of life and belief system that isn’t engineered by social or political influence, but by a need to be in touch with what is earthly.

  2. Nomi says:

    So intriguing!

  3. tigerclaws says:

    WHAT KIND OF EFFING BS IS THIS??!! … and I thought Harry Potter was for kids… geez, gimme a break!!

    But hey, love the pics and nice work… 🙂

  4. bunnandbird says:

    Hi Joshua,
    Great assortment of photos and subject matter! As a neo-pagan Druid myself, I have to say you managed to capture something special here.
    On another note, I just received a 120 camera myself and (aside from black & white), I was wondering what kind of film you used.
    Thank you for sharing these.

    1. jkristal says:

      Hey there Bunn!

      will see your blog.

      I use all sorts of film. My favorite 120 color film is Fuji Reala 100 speed. I shoot T-Max films for the black and white.

      Thanks for the compliment. It was a fantastic experience being at Stone Henge and witnessing the energy and practioners there.


      1. bunnandbird says:

        Hi Joshua,

        Thanks for the info. 🙂 I have some 160 speed Fujicolor Pro (I think that’s what it says)… Going to experiment with it at any rate, as it’s a bit expired. I’ll have to be on the look out for T-Max.

        Also, I’ve a second blog–I can’t quite figure how it shows up though. Anyway, as you might perhaps be interested:

        You’re very welcome. You can feel the energy through the expressions captured. 🙂

        Thanks again.

  5. Amora Melchizadek says:

    Hi Joshua, do you have any colour images of these photographs, particularly the one of King Arthur with the knight stood behind him, I am the person in the knights robe, and may wish to purchase the image from you, regards Amora

    1. jkristal says:

      wow!! thanks for writing. I never saw this message. Please write me at to continue the conversation.

      I don’t have color images i am sorry to say. shot B&W film. I did shot another camera though in color. I will see if ur in there.

      How did u find my images???

  6. Hi there Joshua, I only just discovered your reply, a friend of mine pointed me in the direction of your photographs, gave me a link, and as your name was on the bottom of the photo, I used it to find you.

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