Ash Wednesday in New York, Catholics showed their extreme devotion.

Every year I am taken aback by the flocks of devoted Catholics walking the streets, eating lunch, riding the subway and smoking cigarettes with giant charcoal crosses on their foreheads.  It usually makes me feel like I am surrounded by nutty zealots but after further consideration I figure its just shock as it’s quite rare in the US for Christians to wear their devotion on their sleeve.  Indians do it daily as do religious Jews who kick crazy fur hats and spit shined twisting sideburns. Either way, it’s always a reminder to me that a good number of the public fervently believe in an absurd 2000 year old misogynist fairy tale.  I wish they did it everyday.


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  1. liz anderson says:

    Nice pics!! Love the black and white images as well as the diversity of the subjects.

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