Images from 1000 year old hamlet in rural China.

In October I went to China to visit family and during my two-week trip there my mother and  I ventured into the South Eastern province of Jianxi, a rural area full of farms, the city that originated blue painted porcelain ceramics to the world and of 1000 year old “postal roads”.  These trails, in-which mail was delivered,  meander thru and over lush mountain valley’s connecting isolated ancient villages.  We did a 9 mile hike (uphill by mistake…sorry mom!.) and ended in Big Liking, one of a handful of hamlet style villages surrounding the small city of Wuyuan.  I was struck by the architecture, the serenity, the simplicity, the human shit used for fertilizer.  We walked around this tiny village and others nearby for two days and these are my images.

Graffiti carved in moss

Inside an 800 year old Hall.

The Postal Roads that we hiked on. We had come from 10 miles back up and over that valley.

Antique barber chair.

The middle room, open to the sky, of a typical home.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Brooke Smith says:

    spectacular! (as usual)

  2. Gary Sands says:

    nice eye! thanks for the tutorial!

    1. jkristal says:

      what tutorial??lol

  3. Pat and Monique Donahue says:

    These are wow Josh! Are they for sale? Pat and Monique

    1. jkristal says:

      Sure! When u come thru NYC we will load u up with prints.

  4. arum says:

    beautiful fotos!

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