Manure in Midtown

The PBR professional bull-riding rodeo is back gracing our shores here in NYC.   I shot it a few years back for the Huffington Post but never got it up here on MPT so here is a link to the full photo-story.  I’ve posted a couple images below along with the text which I penned (something I rarely do).  I was drawn to the event as its quite a juxtaposition having this old Western tradition in the middle of the concrete jungle.

The Professional Bull Riders rodeo came to Madison Square Garden January 9th-11th, and the smell of 700 tons of dirt and cow manure brought out every closeted cowboy this side of the Gowanus Canal. In its modern incarnation what with jumbo-trons, pyrotechnics and corny patriotic salute to the U.S Border Patrol (a corporate sponsor), the event was basically NASCAR with live, angry animals. The fans cheered their favorite riders to eight seconds of glory, but the Garden became eerily silent when competitors were stomped and gored by their 2,000 lb. adversaries, hands slowly dipping back into their nachos as they watched the replay of the carnage above.”


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