The AMAZING production of the INCREDIBLE CHINESE EGG SANDWICH…14 years in the making!

(If u have ZERO patience proceed directly to AMAZING culinary ACTION video below!)

In 1997 I cruised thru China from Korea on the way to a 3 month traipse around Mongolia.  While acquiring the Beijing Hack during the wait for a Visa to Mongolia I ate the same truly magnificent sandwich everyday for 8 days.  Last month I got to revisit China and luckily, one of these sandwich artisans was literally a steamed buns throw from my sisters apartment in Suzhou (in 1 AD, the 14th largest city in the world), which sits just 2 hours SW of Shanghai (which daily hosts the worlds largest pajama party).  It was a chance I would not miss.  Monumental in both its complexity of taste (savory, sweet, spicy, crunchy ) and construction (crepe +eggs+veggies+sauce+wontons, folded over itself into a burrito all under 2 minutes) and in its simplicity in acquisition (street-side) and monetary procurement (they cost about 80 cents).




The change basket, which works on the honor system, while she makes the sandwich.

Customers flocking.

This 7am-10am line up was typical.

The star chef.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. teamvillon says:

    80 cents! damn, i would be eating them every morning too! mmmm. eggy sandwich

  2. what a technique. Looks so tasty.

  3. Pat and Monique Donahue says:

    Yum! I will miss these. Pat and Monique

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