New piece in current HOUR magazine on Zug Island, Detroit.

GOTHAM OF THE RUST BELT: Blast furnaces, belching smoke, and industry byproducts from ironmaking and steelmaking are hardly anyone’s idea of beauty. But from a distance at night, an eerily illuminated Zug Island assumesan otherwordly, noir-like allure.

HOUR magazine hired me to do a series on the steel production facility of Zug Island.  This eerie, fire and smoke belching factory that sits in the Detroit river dates back to Henry Ford beginnings.  I shot the island from around 12am -3am on a Sunday night as the actual island is a security zone protrolled and protected under Homeland Security.  I had been on the island many times in the past but this time, with my camera I was a bit paranoid about getting arrested (as NO PHOTOGRAPHY signs are posted around it) so I stalked the perimeter. 

View the complete series of photos


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