My piece in the NYT.

I pitched a story about the methods people use to pick their winning numbers for the lottery awhile back and they liked the idea and hired me to shoot it.   I went out with a reporter for the day and drove around hitting bodegas in 4 boroughs.  It was really amazing to watch Alan Feuer, the writer, work.   The story wasn’t easy as people are cagey about their gambling but he would disarm them in seconds using a lethal mix of a personable persona and rapid fire questions.  Photographing was not easy as well and I was left shooting people during their 3 minute interviews with Alan.  I think I squeaked out a couple nuggets though but would have to of spent a week, not a day, to make it super photogenic.


Slide Show

Here are some extra images I liked that they left out.

This guy owns a bodega in Crown Heights and sells 99% of his tickets to Lubavitcher Jews and says they always play the address of the Rebbe as their lucky numbers.  To show this was Jewish related area and as there were no one buying tickets I tried to use the calling card in the background to give a hint of the location.

I dig the crucifix/scratchy ticket dichotomy here.

At a botanica store in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, a number of items are available that purport to help customers to create winning strategies and/or bring luck for playing the lottery. These books translate the information from the users dreams into their "lucky numbers".

Lucky candles come with individual lucky numbers.


Don Dinero Mr. Money cologne is another.



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