Amish do Philip Glass

We needed a  “Get the Hell out of NYC” trip the other day so we headed to Amish country for an overnight and, praise be the lord,  stumbled upon an antique auction.  These events are an amazing dose of Americana..the people, the stuff, the sounds.  And if you are a junker like me, its the holy grail.  I scored a beautifully distressed framed photo of a farmhouse from 1920 for $6, a braided rug for $9 and Fiorella bought a guitar from 1965 for $40.  The auctioneer had an amazing “call” and I found its repetition to be very rhythmic and musical.  Is this where Philip Glass got his musical inspirations from? Was he listening to auctions on the radio as he drove his cab in the 70’s while composing “Einstein on the Beach”?

I took a couple videos of a woman next to us knitting a blanket and loved the juxtaposition of the slowness of her work and project and the hyper-active call of the auction.

and another variation:

And here is a video of Fiorella buying a guitar.  Note her trying to outbid herself at the cute.

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