New images from recent trip to Peru.

Just returned the other day from my second jaunt to the land of my girlfriend.  Spent 3 weeks, a couple in Lima then a week in the south where my moms and I tackled a day on the famed Inca Trail and then took in Machu Picchu.  Twice in 9 months..never thought that would don’t need to go there for about 5 years but lots more to see in Peru. I would like to visit a more recently discovered ruin in the north named “Kuelap” that is said to rival Machu Picchu and gets just a handful of tourists.  Also, the deserts of Ica are amazing for paleontology.  Take a walk back in there and u will literally stumble on exposed whale skeletons.

All the images here are from my G9 Point and Shoot.  I shot 20 rolls of film but haven’t gotten them souped yet.  The images are actually in the chronological order I shot them starting on Dec 21 to Jan 11th.  Lots more to come…

Step out of the seclusion of the up-scale areas of Lima (a city of 11 million) and this is a typical street corner with fairly typical people in Peru, excluding the highlands (the Andean regions) or in the Amazon.

Unintentional art installation from third world telephone wiring
Sunset at the beach two hours south of Lima. Colors have not been tweaked.
Clowns are all the rage at parties in Lima these days. They come in mid-party and pass out balloons and shit. We made a crazy hat which we were obsessed with doing for at least an hour...New Years night, from about 2-3am.
Flash lighting up water in the air at the beach during a quick New Years ceremony on the beach before sunrise.
These ghosts haunted us on our way back to the crib.
Paracas, a chain of islands off the Southern coast of Peru. Labeled the "poor mans galapagos" by Lonely Planet, its populated by tons of birds and fat little penguins. 100 years ago the tens of thousands of tons of bird guano was harvested there every year was Peru's richest exportable resource. It still is 5o meters deep on the islands and groups of men live on the islands for periods of four months at a time harvesting it every year.
A gorgeous lake in the desert isn't impervious to the spoils of Coke.
Controlled(?) burn off the Pan-American Sur on way back to Lima. Would of pulled over if I was the arrangement of people
Had Chicharron for breakfast. Super tasty/super greasy ham sandwiches.
Pigeons at the San Fransisco Church in Central Lima. The catacombs below it house 100's of mid-evil skeletons.
On our way up to a giant jesus statue on the top of mountain in Central Lima.
Street scene in outer neighborhood of Lima.
Tico taxi's, a Korean mini, are ubiquitous in the south of Peru. This was in Cusco, the mid-evil city which one departs from to Machu Picchu
3 Andean girls descending from their mountain village south of Cusco.
It rained on my dear mum and I for about 5 hours on our hike on the Inca Trail. This was an amazing blossom off of a yucca plant, probably 15 ft high.
Even on our one day hike of the normally 4 day hike of the Inca trail, we still witnessed changes in Eco-systems. Here, we rounded the corner into a cloud forest valley with waterfalls just down the way. Was one of the most stunning natural settings I have ever laid my fairly well traveled feet.
Cloud Forest
Winay-Wayna ruin. Only accessible from the Inca Trail. Pre-Colombian Inca ruin with a huge amphitheater of terraced farming, 3 hours from Machu Picchu.
A bromeliad growing on a moss covered tree in the cloud forest.
The feet of an Andean porter on the Inca trail. His sandals are made from car tires.
Machu Picchu.
Llama at Machu Picchu. The flashy earrings are so the owners can tell them apart in a herd as they roam.
Survey of beef heads in market in Cusco.
Gordo nino en la mercado en Cusco.
Andean women of different regions wear different style of hats. This woman had such serious business concerning the man in the picture she is holding that I could freely shoot this usually camera shy culture.

This was a hilarious attempt of Chicken Cordon Bleu. The restaurant was called "Gordon Blue" and it was the house specialty so I gave it a try. 15/soles which was $5.00. The ham was baloney and the cheese was a white farmers fresh cheese so didn't really work but chicken was fried deliciously but jesus, they were nuts! That's a ton of food!!. Clockwise from Chicken at bottom: Choclo, the giant corn of Peru. Fresh cut french fries. Salad with strips of the fresh cheese, white rice with a poached egg, fried plantain.
View of mountains across from Machu Picchu.
The Urubamba river flows by Machu Picchu on its way north 450 miles to meet up with the Amazon river and then flows east to the Atlantic. This is the same river that the community I worked with in the amazon lived next to. At this point, the river is still near its headwaters in the high Andean mountains but its making its way down into the rain forest.

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  1. bubba says:

    Great shots! I’ll take a sex burger and fries to go please!!!

  2. svengali says:

    Nice work, lad. Look forward to the rest. Hope all is well.

    1. jkristal says:

      hey there.. u have to give me a CREDIT or ASK my permission if you are going to use my images. I dont see where u have done that…

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