Italian Mortician dream shoot

The permanent backdrop for caskets at an Italian funeral home in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn was more then I could of ever wished for in a portrait setting.  I have never, in 16 years of work (give or take…scary), had such a setting present itself.  Still wasn’t easy making the shot as it was a dimly light room with low ceilings and a slightly bewildered photographer treading on kinda strange ground..but I got these and walked out into the frigid night air impassioned and thankful.

These black and white shots are from the same story which is featured on the on-line magazine I am working for, The South Brooklyn Post.  The story is about the going-ons in a usually insular and secretive Italian social club in Carroll Gardens and the war going on between them and another local club over who gets the usage rights to an religious idol they use in a procession.  Here is the link to the story:  Van Westerhout Cittadini Molesi Social Club

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