Fall Colors at speed.

I practice “documentary” style photography because I feel that the world and its communities hold in it everything I need as an artist to create my work.  With the right moment and a good framing combined with an exploratory eye into interesting going-ons,  my favorite kind of art is created: artful documents of life itself.

That being said, I have always dabbled in photographic fine-arts when I get sick of “observing” and find it not able to express what I am seeing/feeling/thinking. This happened recently, while on a train on the way to and from Montreal, speeding thru the Adirondack mountains during the height of the fall leaf color riots.  It is a route that enables one to sit back and stare out large windows as nature nonchalantly assaults you for 8 hours with its breath-taking awe.  The “paintings” that flew by the windows at some points morphed from Realist into Impressionist and then into Abstract Expressionist, the brushstrokes a combination of camera shutter speed & trains speed.  These views are something our unconsciousness registers but our eyes can not.

So these are images amongst the tracks at speed, turning nature (as well as some walls, train tracks and one train in the next to last images)into color swaths.  No computer manipulation has been done on these photos, just the basic darkroom techniques (now done digitally) used for a hundred years, the adjustment of contrast and color balance.


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