M-52 at 65 mph w/ the G9 & fall colors

Coming back from a friend’s wedding in Cadillac, Michigan last weekend I decided to take some country roads.  After a look at the map and an hour of winding shite, I found M-52 and it was perfect.  The trees were blazing with fall color and farms ran along both sides of the road which yielded fields of sunflowers, farm houses, pumpkins, beautiful sky’s and rolling hills which is quite rare in Michigan.  At one point, off on a road to my right was a man coming towards me riding in a racing horse carriage sort of thing and just 3 seconds later, while contemplating what I had just seen, I glanced to my left to see a Tea Party Norman Rockwell scene.  A man, in head to toe camo, stepping out of his SUV and then his 5-year-old son followed, also in camo.  Hunting season in Michigan.

I later stopped off at a roadside farm stand that operates on the honor system which sorta boggles my brain when I try to comprehend it.  It’s so beautiful it’s almost sad.  Love that it actually exists in this era still.  I bought a large box of heirloom grape tomatoes for $1 as well as some tasty zucs and cucs.

Shooting at 55 mph is a fun exercise (errant focus areas, lots of errors, quick on the shutter draw practice) while usually producing some beautiful effects (motion blurs in the foregrounds with stable backgrounds, amazing contrast with opposing skies).

A Visual Salute to ole 52                      


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