Carnival Parade in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Because of the cold temps in NYC during the dates actual carnival parades and festivals around the world take place,  the 100,000 or so West Indian residents of NYC throw the largest annual gathering in the United States every year around Labor Day, The West Indian Day Parade.  Upwards of two million people come and line Eastern Parkway, a tree-lined boulevard designed by Frederick Law Olmsted,  to view upwards of 50 different “bands” (groups of about 100 different dancers) who load up tractor trailers with dozens of giant speakers and, dressed up in classical carnival garb, make their way down the street.  “Winding”, an amazing dance women do which involves somehow shaking their ass rhythmically up, down and around, without moving their upper body, is an incredible thing to watch (its featured heavily in the videos later in this post).  The streets are also lined with tasty food including Kosher jerked chicken and Nation of Islam fried chicken and shrimp..we had both.

Amazing winding…


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