The Nature of Detroit.

I spent a number of days a couple of weeks ago photographing the fields, ruins and sidewalks of my native Detroit in an effort to document the way nature is encroaching, intermingling and swallowing entire blocks of the city.  I spotted a number of different butterfly and dragonfly species and witnessed the conversion of an abandoned factory on the west side into a virtual bird sanctuary.  I also spotted and scared up a number of pheasants whose loud and unique calls were ubiquitous during my exploration.  More to come…

Abandoned boat #1

Obscured Sidewalk

Field Detail #1

Abandoned boat #2

Female pheasant

Field Detail #2

Abandoned boat #3

Watering hole

Mulberry bush in bird sanctuary

Field Detail #3

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  1. greg says:

    nice crisp work. I love this place.

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