Pentecostal church in Cusco, Peru

On the way back thru Cusco (the city in Southern Peru which is where u go to see Machu Picchu) from a day trip to the “Sacred Valley” and ruins around the area I noticed a run down theatre type building that was really packed at 10pm. It was part of the city I was not familiar with but walked back where I thought it was and found myself at a Pentecostal church that had just let out.  I came back the next night to photograph after being invited by the priest.  An issue that troubles me is the spreading of christianity to indigenous peoples around the world.  I feel strongly that fragile cultures are and have been (as its been going on for ever) destroyed by the onslaught of the powerful foreign dogma pushed on them from the “saved”.  10,000 year old cultures being poisoned by evangelical freak faith pushers.  I hope to explore this topic in the near future.

(notice the llama on this young guys sweater)

(Andean women wear different hats according to their cultural sect.. This one, which had been placed on the floor, is one of the infamous, white, super hard top-hats).


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