Modern day romance?

I am at a cafe sorta close to my neighborhood for the first time (they don’t exist yet in my direct hood) doing some late night work as I was in my apt. all day and needed to get the hell out.  I choose this place (Abigail Cafe) as it was the second closest.  I was hesitant because it looked like a really nice place and is totally candle lite for dinner but its a cafe at lunch, free wifi, newspapers abound, etc.. and they said come in and totally work… anyway, I just looked up from my empty 8 person candelabra lit table to see one table of diners (two women) both on their iphones and then glanced down the way and saw a couple eating with tow laptops open with the backs touching, both eating while communing in their own worlds while sitting across from their table-mate. Is this Normal??  Not sure I have seen this before……..


2 Comments Add yours

  1. c. lee says:

    hahahha i love it.
    it’s not normal!!! but we were just eating dessert. it’s so not normal.
    still, more romantic than sitting at home at our desks working.
    nice meeting you.

  2. bill says:

    Regarding the laptop couple, as long as their laptop backs were touching the LOVE is there.

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