Centro Lima with the hulking Mamiya C330

Centro Lima is a pretty cool place as long as you can ignore the multitude of warnings almost everybody gives you about how dangerous it is.  Even people on the street stop you to tell you not to walk with a camera out.  Never had an issue in the 8 months I walked its streets.  This is black and white 120 Kodak T-Max 100 ISO.

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  1. Desiree says:

    woah, these are crazy cool portraits.. i like them a lot

  2. Larry Proghovnick says:

    Very cool.Make’s me feel like I’m there,with you.

  3. It happens that sometimes the danger lies more for locals than for foreigners a matter of perception of reality.
    I lived this experience in Mexico City, as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.
    You photographic record of very good quality both in content and technique, though I like the pictures with a bit more contrast.

    1. jkristal says:

      thanks Nelson. I find with WP that the images change from the uploaded versions as far as contrast goes. Do u find that? I usually have to make more contrasty so they look ok on WP. Anyway, thanks for comment. U have crazy work…very nice…

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