Lovely(?) Holga mishaps in the jungle

The Holga camera is a 120 or 2 1/4 film camera with a plastic lens.  It vignettes, distorts and falls apart while using it.  It is generally used to impart an antique, artful vision to your photographs.  I started to use them in school in the early 90’s and continue to as their simplicity is a respite from the hyper-techincal side of photography.  The camera has virtually no functions..a focus dial with little pictures of one person, two people, a group of people or a mountain and shutter speed settings, normal (60th of a sec.) and Bulb (which is setting for holding open the shutter indefinitely).  It has recently had a crazy resurgence in popularity and now comes in multiple models, colors and the lens are being made to fit DSLR’s.  Their is even an iPhone app to make your photos appear as if they were taken with one….You never know what ur going to get with a Holga, one of its simple beauties.


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  1. Paulina says:

    I do think this is beautiful.
    I like the fifth take better

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