Road trip to the South of Peru

Fiorella nailed this just 80km from Lima.  Part of a roadside billboard.

For Christmas and New Years I ventured, along with my lady, to the Southern regions of Peru.  As a lover of road-trips I pushed for using the car and taking our time.  We seemed to enter a new eco-system every day..desert, dunes, coastal grass lined cliffs, mountains, canyons.  New Years Eve was spent in the bottom of the worlds deepest canyon in an adobe hut.  The 2.5 day long debacle of our car breaking down  at 12,000 ft.  was not fun while it happened nor has it gained a rosier shade upon recollection.  Getting out of Lima, a rather drab and chaotic mess of a city was probably the best part though some Peruvian “magic” was experienced.

Chivay, a small Andean town at the foot of Colca Canyon.


Chivay farmer.

Casa in ruin.

The light around the area was as beauteous as I have ever seen.  This was taking in the canyon after sunset.

Our drunk burro driver kept falling asleep on the 2 hour sweaty, dusty, scary ride out of the canyon on New Years day morning.  Along the route were 3000 ft drops inches away from the burro’s feet so I was not super stoked to say the least.  We had walked down (and I walked like a zombie for days after) so when my princess said she wanted to take this way out I secretly was relieved.

Building a cairn at a nice spot where we lunched on sardines, octopus, olives, fresh butter and bread.

After being stranded for 24 hours in the middle of nowhere and dealing with a rescue vehicle Fiorella procured that had to be push started every 20 minutes, we finally got to another middle of nowhere place and a tow truck was our way out over a mountain pass back to Arequipa where we spent an extra half day getting the car fixed.  Fuel pump lined disconnected from bottoming out…

This was the scene across the street from the previous image.  Tried to teach this kid to do a “bunny hop”.

Shot from the backseat of our car while it was towed thru the mountains.

Fiorella scared the living shit out of me with a 2 minute long blood curdling scream while in a dune buggy in Huacachina, a cool little literal oasis city in the dunes.  We took the buggy up so I could try sandboarding and give my addiction of descent down hills with wood strapped to my feet a little dose of satisfaction (review: pretty fun though hard to link turns and sand is not so forgiving on the arse).  I thought she was having an anxiety attack and was going to give herself an aneurysm.  Turned out she was having a blast.  RUDE!


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  1. Nice big foot! I wanna Sex Burger!!

  2. teamvillon says:

    awesome pics in the canyon! missing nature. boy you and i sure are in different parts of the world. hoping to get some turns in the french alps next month. keep you posted……….. xoxo

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