Lima, the new Paris…(?)

But with a slightly different kind of dog.  And restaurant.   I took this the other night after eating dinner in a slightly sketchy area adjacent to my hood.  This place was one of the ubiquitous “pollerias” (place with chicken) that seem to be 4 to a block.  This was a “la Brasa” which serves their birds spit roasted.  For a large family you can get a whole chicken with the fixings for a good price.  I had just finished a nice meal of 1/4 chicken piled upon a heaping of fresh-cut french fries and along side the strange salads they make here (bad lettuce, cucumbers, beets, a nice creamy dressing) washed down with an old school small glass bottle of Coke (a total of $3.65) and as I got up to leave was greeted by this scene.  I was bitten by a beast of a dog in a church garden (does that mean I am a devil incarnate?) recently on vacation (actually behind the church in the photo from the last post in Chivay) and still have a bit of PTSD.  Fucker ripped out a perfect hole in my favorite jeans and got me twice in the thigh (luckily had 3 rabies vaccinations for the work in the jungle).  Anyway, this pit bull mutt was scabby, scarred and scary and blocking my path so I took pause.  He actually ended up being pretty cute and was harmless.  (It’s funny how dogs left to their own devices are pretty nice with people and the ones kept by people can turn menacing).

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