Ariticle I wrote on Peruvian website.

A Peruvian website for ex-pats asked to use my images from a shaman market I took a couple months ago and write a short article to go with it…

The article at Living in Peru

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  1. logaine says:

    hi joshua, I am peruvian and just saw your work. Your photos are amazing, but what i loved most was the project in the amazon. is there any more information about it? how it was developed? whose initiative is it? what were the results?
    thank you, logaine

    1. jkristal says:


      Muchos gracias! The project was developed by my friend Fiorella Arenas who is an anthropologist at Repsol. We are now building a website to showcase the images and hopefully will have an exhibition in Lima in the coming months. The fotos from the chicos are beautiful and we hope and think that a new appreciation of their culture has been gained. Stay tuned in the future of the launching of the website and dates for the show…


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