Ugly Cakes of the Amazon

The last time I was in the community I am working with in the southern Amazonian region of Peru, there was a ceremony for kids graduating from kindergarten.  It was at this weird event (natives listening to french waltz, children dressed in western garb, baked goods!) that I was a witness to an array of jungle cakes the world has seldom seen.  Either baked in one of the few mud ovens around the community or just sealed up in molds and cooked over heat on gas burners, the cakes were walked thru a heavy rain to the community building.  These funky looking, nuclear colored American totems struck me as an interesting note showing the current waves of globalization washing over our shrinking world.

and here is a short video of the proceddings:


2 Comments Add yours

  1. N Paluck says:

    the video is so strange and interesting.

  2. paulina says:


    David says its the most horrible but sweet cake he’s ever seen, its even more ugly than the one with the harrison ford indiana jones face he got when he turned 8

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