Images from my last and last jaunt to the jungle

The Andes out of the 8 seater plan I was lucky enough to take for the last two trips to the jungle forgoing the triathlon of nausea I was getting sick of.

The downside of flying to the amazon is being stuck at the base camp of the oil company we are being sponsored by.  Its called Nuevo Mundo (New World) as is the community they rent the land from a 1/2 mile away.  Fuckin missionaries.  It’s tiny and ur confined to little aluminum boxes for rooms with bunk beds and not allowed to leave the little wood walkways.  This is the runway.

I went to the disco in our community to get a light and was scarcely greeted in the dark by this monster.  These two bar-backs did not know what lurked just above them nor would they of cared though this huge spider is quite poisonous. They most likely would have walked around and smacked it dead with their hand.

Anyone know the way to Pgirukotanwu Pwiyawaka?

On the last days of our trip the students took us fishing.  We stopped by the farm of one of my students who had stopped attending class as he had to help out on the family farm. These shots are from that land which was unlike anything I had seen in the amazon; rolling hills, cows, lots of birds, tons of fruit trees and serious traditional living.

The ants are that big.  The voracious insects are one thing I won’t miss about the jungle.

fucking Cameron. Though in defense of my student, who carved this on his handmade oar, his last name is Lima.

I walked up a ravine for about 45 minutes feeling like I was the first man to do so and that I would come upon a giant snake at any moment.  No snakes but did see this butterfly with transparent wings.

This is the living room of the family whose upstairs we used for our tent city each month.  Watching one of the daughters make a cake gave me another inkling about how I may have gotten sick.  I also watched the adorable baby in the background (who we lovingly called the “gorda nina” or “fat baby”) be bathed in a bucket in the kitchen which then after our fish was dressed in before dinner.

I have been told from quite reliable sources that the reasons a lot of the kids had orangish-blond hair was a lack of nutrients in their diet but I am not sure how that would explain the eyes.

This woman is looking at a photo one of my students took of her working in traditional Amazonian ceramics.  That was one of the topics a student choose as there are only 3 woman left in the community still practicing the craft and it surely will die out as the kids get more wooed by the likes of Hannah Montana and what not.  Was a nice moment.  Almost got a smile out of a community member which was quite a feat.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. bill says:

    well machupicchuthat. Enjoyed very much the humor and photos from your last visit, which parenthetically will be your “last” visit to the jungle.

  2. Varner says:

    Soiled baby bathwater for fish cleansing and dirty fingers mashing cake dough. Yummy! No wonder you’ve been Mr. pukey pants. How’s the Spanish going?

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