Shamans and Gamarra.

The neighborhood of Gamarra is a bustling shopping and garment district on the outskirts of Lima.   Besides hundreds of cheap clothing stores, black market brand rip-offs and fabric suppliers it also has a large number of vendors who have shaman supplies.  Need a llama fetus? Got it.  Leopard head? check.  Or maybe you would rather have a live guinea pig dragged around your body then killed and dissected to show where your problems are located as naturally its location is mirrored in the little furry guys organs. VIDEO.

This is also one of the areas where one can procure a drink made of frogs.  Its considered to have a number of medicinal attributes including the ability to help those ailing from the dastardly sufferings of impotence.  I didn’t sample it as three months of parasites was enough for me but my fearful companion Fiorella (who at every turn said ” We can’t go there, we will be robbed” or “Watch your camera”), actually sampled it.

She was offered a taste by the chef and was too sweet to say no.

Her review. “It tasted like it was decomposing dead dog from the street..”.

Below is a short video of the little guys.

Using coca leaves, a shaman supply saleslady read Fiorella’s fortune.  The news was good.  On the table to the right are a bunch of llama fetuses and at center a jaguar head.  Forgot to ask how much.

Nothing like askew cleavage and cocaine to get u going on a Sunday afternoon right?  The bags are full of coca leaves.  If you add 20 liters of GAS and an assortment of other nasty stuff u get the white stuff.

Shaman supply guy.

Clock supply guy.

Afro-Peruvian tarot card reader.

This 97-year-old woman from Huraz, a mountain town at the foot of the Cordillera Blanca’s (which I  visited and blogged about months back) broke out in hysterics when Fiorella mentioned Pishtaco’s to which she referred to me as a “ufo”, a person from outer space…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. bill says:

    why was I drawn to the photo of the clock supply person.

  2. john says:

    at what point do you just give up on teeth altogether? or do you hang on to whatever you can? do the do much for her at this point?

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