South of Lima

Limenians head south on the weekends to their beach houses.  We checked out Fiorella’s families place (a real cool, sorta of Frank Lloyd Wright/Greek style), swam, got burned and then headed out for a delicious lunch of fried fish and a tacu-tacu,  a bean and rice dish with crab meat in a yellow cream sauce.  The fish dish, besides the shrimp, had calamari, octopus, mussels and sea found miscellanea and is served with Yuca fries which are really tasty and much lighter than potato.

The road to the south (and beyond) is the 29,000 mile long Pan-American highway.  The billboards along the 90km stretch we did were like studies in minimalism and pop-art.  As was the mural in the parking lot of the restaurant which could have doubled as a Lichtenstein or Warhol.

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