Museum of the Inquisition in Lima

Starting in 1570 the Spanish church used torture to punish different heretics here in Lima. And a startling high percentage of the people they tortured turned out to be Jews.  That info changed my attitude while photographing these pathetic recreations.  It was  yet another reminder of the tough times jews have had in the last 4000 years.  Didn’t expect to find that here in South America. Luckily, the amount of people who were victims of this psychopathic religious behavior only numbered in the thousands.  The museum is in the original churches torture and courts building which later became the Peruvian congress building.   The tiles pictured are original and date back to the 1700’s.  The skull and cross-bones is 300 year old graffiti that comes from the wall of a cell in the basement.

What do u know! A form of WaterBoarding, the torture technique the Bush administration used during their “War on Terror”.   Did our religious zealots learn it from these religious zealots?

300 year old tile work in the courtyard of the church’s torture building.  Startling the idea that they could mix so easily the crafts of human cruelty and art so seamlessly.

The skulls image below is from the catacombs of the Monastery of San Francisco.  70,000 people where buried there.

Some amazing tile work from the church.


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