Images from recent magazine shoots in Peru

I recently did two shoots for a beautiful magazine in Peru called COSAS.  They are an up-scale magazine and have at least 7 different magazines in the COSAS family (food, Mens, Home, Design, etc).  They were super excited about me doing some reportage for them and I submitted a long list of pitches (including Shamans of Centro Lima, the sexy policewoman of Lima who wear jodpurs, boots and leather jackets and also the bullfighting that is now taking place in Lima which has the oldest bullfighting ring in the world.).  The images are already going to press for next months issue.. here are my favorites.

The first shoot was of the Killers concert in Lima.  The band is one of the first big bands to come to Lima in years and the city was abuzz.  Thousands of people singing the lyrics including kids, not something I have seen before.

Never seen this before.

Someone along the 1km road you walked to the show had the entrepreneurial spirit and used his garage  as a restaurant/bar & bathroom

You wouldn’t find this dude walking around the Palace selling black market merch.

Now this busker was AMAZING.  He was playing the big hits from the Killers on the Andean flute for change.  He was one of the many sufferers of polio you see on the streets here.  I couldn’t believe he learned the songs for the show and was really excited about this image and his story.  When I showed it to the editors everybody laughed and said he is at all the shows doing the same thing..

The other story I did for the magazine was profiling three foreigners who play in the Peruvian basketball league.  Two were from the US and one from Senegal.

This guy, originally from Brooklyn but living in Toronto for most of his life, had quite a harrowing tale.  He, along with a friend, came to Peru a couple years ago to smuggle back drugs.  At the airport the bags of cocaine his good friend had swallowed broke open in his stomach and he died hours later in the hospital.  Andrew decided go with his friend instead of getting on the plane and then confessed and served two years in jail.  He says they won’t give him his passport back and the Canadian embassy won’t help him so he is basically stuck here.  He wondered the streets for about three weeks before stumbling on a basketball camp (a couple blocks from my apt.) where he ended up getting an unpaid job teaching kids.  He then started playing on a team in the league.  Most of the foreign players here are black and and many claim to be victims of racism.  Peruvian say that their society is quite prejidious.  I put the halo over his head to show how he is not really a bad person and to reflect the “religion” he found while in jail…

This reflects the typical height difference these guys encounter in Peru.  Even I feel kinda tall here!

This dude was a Harlem Globetrotter!  Lives in NYC, has a family in Mexico whose leagues he also plays on.  Seems that guys who don’t make the NBA end up playing in leagues around the world, sorta like giant nomads.

This guy is one of the best players in the league.  He is from Senegal, is HUGE and plays for a private beach club with 10,000 members so thought this would be a fitting local for his portrait.


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  1. Barbara says:

    Congrats on the assignments. Did they go for the sexy policewoman story?

    1. jkristal says:

      not yet….maybe the Cosas Hombre mag. Meeting with the editors next week..

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