Images from Lima, a city of 8 million.

Here are some recent favorite shots of this fair city.

This is from one of the many religious processions you stumble upon here.  It’s one of my favorite aspects of living in this quite religious city.  U might be sitting down to eat at a mountain-seaside cevicheria and along comes a horrible marching band and 6 men carrying a huge, one-ton statue of some various saint or virgin.  This photograph was an Andean community procession I saw in Bario Chino.  The video was from last Sunday…

Just off in the distance of that video is the sea.  I just found out about a number of small islands just off the coast.  This had an island prison. I didn’t exaggerate when I said Lima is overcast.  Jesus.

This photo was also taken in China town..

This was the parking attendant’s domain parking somewhere in Centro Lima.  The nude Madonna poster was quite a surprise to see as is this FROG JUICE drinking article.  The city really does make you step back and ponder quite often, and not just about the life u just almost lost by the crazy, rude, disrespectful drivers of the city.

I got this shot while hanging out around a favilla in the north of Lima.  Fiorella’s caperoia school students had gone to this Peruvian ghetto to teach a free class to youths in the area.  I got bored of photographing it so was strolling about… As the cars here are classic, so are the trucks.  Almost more so…

Behind the trucks was the neighborhoods market where I encountered this gruesome scene.

In my first week in the city two of Fiorella’s friends had children.  I was in the hospital hours after each birth.  Coca-Cola deserves an award here for earliest subliminal product placement.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Barbara says:

    Strong images, Josh. What kind of medium format do you shoot with? The colors look spot on.

    And what the heck is that long dark cut of meat dangling fifth from the right?! Heavens.

    1. jkristal says:

      Thanks Barbara. I use a Mayima 6, C330 as well as a Holga, which is what those funky black and white shots are from. No idea on the meat!

      Have any advice for blogging??

  2. bill says:

    enjoyed the show and particularly the accompanying narrative.

  3. The Mom says:

    The bullfighting photos were awesome – I was completely sick – honestly, I could hardly look!

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