My too short trip to NYC

I ventured back home recently to do some work for my one of my oldest friends Joel Topcik of Huntington Woods.  30 years ago (holy shit!) Joel and I used to make a habit of jumping off my house, seeing who could roll under the closing garage door at the last possible second doing an urban imitation of Indiana Jones, perform fairly good(?) skits of Abbott and Costello and watch West Side Story repeatedly.  I was hired to photograph an event he was having so I made some extra time to take care of some business, see family and friends and take in some non-parasite based foods.  Joanne, my dearest mum, came into to see her son and we ate as much food as we could stomach while also taking in as much cultural experiences as humanly possible. 3 plays, 4 museums, 2 parks, 19 galleries, etc… We saw the “God of Carnage”  with the all star cast of Jeff Daniels, James Gandolfini, Hope Davis and Marcia Gay Harden.  Intense, hilarious and disturbing at the same time the play addressed modern codes of civility and marriage strains and threw in projectile vomiting for effect.  NYT Review.

Upon taking a walk at the new amazing park in downtown Manhattan, the High-Line, (a park so revered by New Yorker’s it gets close to religious adulation) I observed a scantily clad model in one of the hotel rooms in the high-rise that is directly over the park.  It was then I realized why I love thy city so dearly…

Next up was the current show at the MET museum.  It is a major photo exhibition of Robert Frank‘s seminal book, The Americans, which was published in 1958 after he crisscrossed the US for two years on a Guggenheim grant.  He documented a slightly darker side of the United States then had been previously been shown.  The show was well done, thorough (displaying his application for the grant, many contact sheets, work prints, etc..).  This first image I loved.  It was from his hotel room one morning.  The next was of a drive-in in Detroit, where he surprisingly spent a lot of time and made enough pictures there that the DIA is having a special show next year of his Detroit work.  I thought the shot is an amazing time capsule of a by-gone era.  And there is a good chance I have a relative necking (or knowing my family…much more) in one of those cars..  For photography fans I just found this really cool Detroit photo blog.


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  1. bill says:

    it appears nyc is still in your future. didn’t know you weresuch a big fan of west side story or rolling under a closing garage door. dad

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